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Our Commitment to Sustainability

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What if every company invested enough in environmental projects to completely offset the pollution produced by their operations?

We believe they can, and should, so we’re committed to setting an example: based on data from respected sources, we are offsetting more than 100% of the pollution we’ve identified from our direct business activities.

We also offset 100% of the estimated annual electrical usage of the homes we sell for fifteen years, and we’ll reset the clock if the home is sold through us again.

The full report is available here.

566,000 kWh of Green energy purchased as RECs

-4,457 kWh = Green energy used by our operations
-50,665 kWh = Green energy used by homes we’ve sold

510,878 kWh of Green Energy Added to the Grid Beyond What We’ve Used

57,320 pounds of Greenhouse Gases (CO₂e) Removed from the Environment

-20,247 pounds of CO2e = Our Tailpipe Emissions
-1,432 pounds of CO2e = Emissions from Shipping

35,641 pounds of Greenhouse Gases Removed in Excess of Our Pollution

68 Trees Planted in National Forests

-51 Trees Used to offset House Framing
-1 Tree Used to Produce Paper

16 Trees Planted in Addition to Replacing What We’ve Used!

5,000 gallons of Water Restored to Wetlands

-5,876 gallons of Water Used in Auto Fuel
-1,000 gallons of Water Used in Printing
-1,543 gallons of Water Used in the Office

1,201 gallons Restored to the Environment After Replacing What We Used!

6 pounds of plastic removed directly or through offsets

-2.2555 pounds of plastic used to ship our equipment
-0 pounds of plastic used in printing

3.7445 pounds of plastic removed from the environment

    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="https://us.apathtomore.org/docs/IBKZ_EnvStatement_2019.">The full report is available here</a>.</p>       
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