Services for Renters

Renting on your own…

1 Find all available rentals across multiple websites and organize them into one list.

2 Filter out the listings that don’t really match your criteria: the one with the third bedroom that used to be a garage, the one that has three bathrooms, but they’re all showers, and the one that is big, but has no closets.

3 Call each property manager and arrange a time for them to show you the property.

4 Collect applications for each property.

5 Submit applications and call property managers until you have a final answer.

Renting with a REALTOR®

1    Get a free consultation in person, by phone, text, chat, email, or whatever method you use to contact us

2 Get a manually-curated preview list of available properties that have been filtered according to your specifications.

3 Schedule showings — a real estate licensee will open the door and allow you full access to each property.

4 Complete pre-filled applications provided. A licensee will submit the applications and work with property managers to get you results fast.

It’s just so much easier!

Each showing requires a $100 fee to be paid at the time of scheduling. If a lease is executed AND the property manager pays a referral fee to the licensee(s), your showing fees will be refunded up to the amount of the referral fee. 

Licensee(s) do(es) not represent the renter in any capacity and is only providing the service of property hunting, showing management, and unlock services. Full representation is only available for real estate sales.