Throughout most of the year, we’re too busy with our daily lives for the clutter and disorganization to bother us much. That changes quickly when guest arrival is imminent; the mad dash begins to hide the fact that we have not taken any of Marie Kondo’s advice.

We’ve collected some of our favorite storage pieces that are attractive, affordable, functional, and can arrive in time for you to clean up before your holiday guests knock.

Underbed Storage

The least-expensive items on our list are underbed storage solutions. The Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags come in pairs and sell for $14-$15 on Amazon, depending on fabric design, and each one can fit a king-sized comforter. There’s also a 5% coupon on the page as of publishing.

The Magicfly Underbed Organizer with 5 Sections & Clear Window is similar in length to the Onlyeasy Underbed Bags, but are only two-thirds the width, allowing you to mix-and-match to make the most of the space under your bed. These also come in pairs and are currently priced at $10 with a 10% coupon right on the page.

Over-the-door Storage

When you’re low on space, you have to do what you can to get the most use out of what you do have, including walls and doors. Our favorite option is the Delta Children 4 Pocket Over-The-Door Hanging Organizers at $10 for a pair, each offering four large bins to toss things in and get them out of sight.

For $15, the Over-The-Door/Wall-Mount Ironing Board Holder will free up some valuable closet space by moving your ironing board, iron, and starch to the back of the door or a laundry room wall.

Next up is the $20 Unjumbly over-the-door shoe organizer, which has enough pockets to hold 11 pairs of shoes and two cans of odor spray. We recommend this be hung facing into a room visitors won’t enter, like the garage.

Storage Seating

Once we’ve crammed the closets full and stuffed everything we can under the bed, our next goal is to hide things where nobody will look; under their seat.

The SONGMICS Storage Ottoman Bench comes in several fabric colors and can support 660 pounds of weight on top. There’s also a leather version in black, brown, and white. These range from $52 to $56, depending on style.

Garage/Outdoor Storage

You still have more stuff!? We really should talk about getting you a bigger place. In the meantime, you can hide some of your outdoor-friendly items out of sight in one of the affordable Starplast deck boxes, which holds sixty gallons of items for only $48, half the price of many competing models.

We hope this list helps you avoid the embarrassment of a cluttered home over the holidays!!

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