Meet the Team

Isaac Burkholz and his partner, J Burkholz, use their marketing, technical support, customer service, contract writing, and negotiation skills to provide the best real estate buying and selling experience possible.

Every transaction is worked from beginning to end by both agents, so you always have someone available to you.

Through translation services, they provide service in over 200 languages and market every property they list in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Thai, Chinese, and Tagalog, the top languages spoken in Vegas and by a majority of the world.

They make properties accessible from anywhere through 3D, ultra-high resolution, interactive models. They believe nobody should be left out of the real estate market, and are committed to providing accessibility services to overcome communication and mobility barriers.

They have committed to giving 5% of their gross revenue in 2019 and 2020 to organizations that protect the environment and sensitive watersheds as well as those which provide health and mobility services to vulnerable populations.


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J Burkholz has been a corporate trainer for the better part of their twelve-year career, developing and delivering training to employees at many top corporations, including DirecTV, Chase Bank, WildBlue, Comcast, Sprint, Apple, and,
most recently, RE/MAX Headquarters.


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Isaac Burkholz has a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of
Southern California and a Post-Bacc certificate in Paralegal Studies.

He most recently managed estates of the incapacitated and
deceased for the Jefferson County, CO Public Administrator’s Office.


 In Memoriam

Roger Nash Baldwin was a founding member of the Burkholz Team, accompanying J and Isaac every day to the office and on consultations. His love, support, and loyalty gave the team to encouragement they needed each day while establishing their new business. He will always be an important part of the team as he continues to remind them to take themselves a little less seriously and to enjoy every moment of each day.